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The Duane G. Meyer Library serves as a depository library for U.S., Missouri, and United Nations documents. All government publications--U.S., Missouri, and UN--are readily available for use by MSU students, faculty, and staff, as well as the general public. Many government publications are now available in electronic format. Most of our paper and microfiche materials circulate with a valid ID.

Missouri and federal tax forms are also available, and residents of Greene County, Missouri may register to vote at the Reference desk. Our staff will be happy to assist you with any government information needs that you might have.

U.S. Documents

The Duane G. Meyer Library received Congressional designation as a “selective” federal depository library in 1963. This legally binding agreement with the U.S. government allows us to select and receive a collection of federal government information that specifically meets the needs of the 7th Congressional District, which we serve. We currently select approximately 85% of what the government offers us, making us the third largest depository library in Missouri. To find U.S. government documents, use SWAN (the online catalog) or ask one of our staff for assistance.

Missouri Documents

The Duane G. Meyer Library has served as a full depository library for Missouri state government publications since 1977. We receive all publications distributed to Missouri depository libraries. Missouri government publications are cataloged in SWAN, the online catalog.

United Nations Documents

The Duane G. Meyer Library received its designation as a full United Nations depository on Dec. 19, 2000. This designation makes Missouri State University the only UN depository in the state of Missouri. MSU now receives documents from all areas of the United Nations, including official records of the General Assembly, Security Council, and the Economic and Social Council, as well as significant sales publications. These documents are being cataloged in SWAN (the online catalog), while access to other types of UN documents, including treaties, is provided electronically via the Library’s databases listed by title under “U.” The Library has also acquired a historical collection of UN documents in microformat, dating from 1946-1994.

For assistance, call us at (417) 836-4535 or email Tammy Stewart (TammyStewart@missouristate.edu) or Ann Fuhrman (AnnFuhrman@missouristate.edu).

U.S. Documents Missouri Documents United Nations Documents