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Jam Sessions in Southwest Missouri


Featured Jam Sessions:

(D&D Little Branson)


(Hoerman Park)

Kissee Mills
(Johnson Community Building)

Long Beach
(Mtn. Grove School)

Long Lane

(Manes Music Makers)




Mountain View (Weaver's)


Springfield (North Town Mall)


Wasola (Stone's)

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Fiddle Competitions and Festivals:
Branson Fiddle Contest, Compton Ridge, and Ozarks Celebration Festival

Ava and Ebenezer

Horsecreek Church

Manes Music Makers
Manes, MO
Every Friday Evening

The musical gathering, held in a building originally homesteaded by the ancestors of the current owners, began in 1983.  Weekly picking sessions on the porch eventually grew until the house interior was rebuilt into a small auditorium with a stage.  Musicians gather in a semicircle on stage and alternate singing before a listening audience.  Ozarks folk music, country music, gospel music, original songs, and ragtime piano music are featured.


Jam session at Manes Music Makers in Manes, Missouri.

Directions from Springfield: drive east on I-44 for 23 miles; get off at exis number 100 and turn right onto MO-38; after .7 miles turn right onto MO-OO into Marshfield; MO OO becomes MO-38; go straight unto MO-CC and drive 6.5 miles; turn right on MO-M and drive 15.6 miles; MO-M become MO-H; drive 15 more miles to Manes; turn right on 95 and look for signs on the right [See map].  Photographs are from July 14, 2000.
A hand-painted sign that says "Manes Music Makers". A hand-painted sign tells drivers where Manes Music Makers is held every Friday night.
The performance is similar to an opry in that performers are on a stage playing to an audience. The performance is similar to an opry in that performers are on a stage playing to an audience, but the musicians alternate singing as with a jam, and anyone who shows up can perform.  On this particular performance so many musicians came, the organizers cleared the stage once and allowed other performers to play.
Old time fiddle player.   Ragtime piano player. While country and gospel music is featured, the jam session includes music as diverse as Ozarks old-time fiddle tunes and ragtime piano music.
A small dance floor has been built for those who want to jig dance. A small dance floor has been built to accommodate those who want to jig dance or, in this case, to boogie to the sounds of the ragtime piano.

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