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Missouri State University Libraries

Library Phone Numbers

Meyer Library

Library hours - 417-836-8383
Reference - 417-836-4535
Circulation - 417-836-4700

Haseltine Library


Garnett Library


Barbe Library


All phone numbers are in the 417 area code.

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Adams, DavidUnit Head - Associate ProfessorLibrary Information Technologies836-6211Meyer 305A
Administrative Services - FaxAdministrative Services836-4764Meyer 302
Administrative Services officeAdministrative Services836-4525Meyer 302
Allard, GingerLibrary Associate IICataloging836-5359Meyer 108
Arnold, MarkLibrary Systems Administrator - Support SpecialistLibrary Information Technologies836-4110Meyer 305D
Baker, AnneArchivistSpecial Collections836-4298Meyer 306A
Bennett, JessicaReference Librarian - Assistant ProfessorResearch and Instructional Services836-4551Meyer 110C
Bess, MitchellLibrary Associate IAccess and Testing Services836-4700Meyer 115
Boey, Jir ShinUnit HeadMusic and Media836-4528Meyer 007A
Borneman, DeaDirector, Haseltine Library - Associate ProfessorHaseltine Library836-5958Greenwood 003
Cataloging Unit officeCataloging836-5359Meyer 108
Circulation - Front DeskAccess and Testing Services836-4700Meyer 115
Circulation - OverduesAccess and Testing Services836-4109Meyer 115
Circulation - ReservesAccess and Testing Services836-4700Meyer 115
Cline, LynnUnit Head - ProfessorCollection Development & Acquisitions836-4658Meyer 108D
Conlon, ShannonLibrary Associate IIAccess and Testing Services836-4540Meyer 104
Content Management and Acquisitions - AV & BookCollection Development & Acquisitions836-5106Meyer 108
Content Management and Acquisitions - BinderyCollection Development & Acquisitions836-5106Meyer 108
Content Management and Acquisitions - ReceivingCollection Development & Acquisitions836-6209Meyer 108
Content Management and Acquisitions - SerialsCollection Development & Acquisitions836-4545Meyer 108
Coombs, JimUnit Head - Associate ProfessorMaps and Geospatial Information Services836-4534Meyer 006A
Cotter, MarklynInfant Through Grade 12 Resources836-5432Meyer 210
Dean of Library ServicesAdministrative Services836-4525Meyer 302
Durden, KarenLibrary Associate IAccess and Testing Services836-4700Meyer 115
Edgar, BillAssociate ProfessorResearch and Instructional Services836-4529Meyer 110H
Edwards, ChrisLibrary Associate ICollection Development & Acquisitions836-4545Meyer 108
Erickson, JanetLibrary Associate ICataloging836-5359Meyer 108
Evans, VickiAccounting SpecialistAdministrative Services836-4527Meyer 302
Fischer, ScottLibrary Associate IMusic and Media836-6455Meyer 007
Fuhrman, AnnGovernment Document SpecialistResearch and Instructional Services836-3077Meyer 110B
Furtak, EmilyLibrary Associate IIInfant Through Grade 12 Resources836-8757Meyer 215
Gale, CrystalReference/Faculty Resources Librarian - Associate ProfessorResearch and Instructional Services836-4345Meyer 110E
Garnett LibraryGarnett Library255-7945West Plains Campus
Gieselman-Holthaus, TracieLibrary Associate IIISpecial Collections836-5428Meyer 306D
Hankins, AmyLibrary Associate IIResearch and Instructional Services836-3003Meyer 110
Haseltine LibraryHaseltine Library836-8563Greenwood 003
Holmer, NancyLibrary Associate IICollection Development & Acquisitions836-5106Meyer 108
Infant Through Grade 12 Resources officeInfant Through Grade 12 Resources836-8757Meyer 215
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)Access and Testing Services836-4540Meyer 106
Jackson-Brown, GraceAssociate ProfessorResearch and Instructional Services836-4547Meyer 210B
Johnson, JanDistributed User Support SpecialistLibrary Information Technologies836-6318Meyer 305D
Jones, CherriUnit Head - ProfessorInfant Through Grade 12 Resources836-4546Meyer 215A
Kuhlmeier, SylviaDirector of Library Services- West PlainsGarnett Library255-7949Garnett 105
Lambert, JoshuaUnit Head - Associate ProfessorAccess and Testing Services836-3183Meyer 115A
Lawson, JeffreyLibrary Associate IAccess and Testing Services836-4700Meyer 115
Library HoursAccess and Testing Services836-8383
Library Information Technologies officeLibrary Information Technologies836-8777Meyer 305
Maps and Geospatial Information Services officeMaps and Geospatial Information Services836-4534Meyer 006
Mawhiney, ShannonLibrary Associate IIISpecial Collections836-4298Meyer 306A
McCroskey, MarilynUnit Head - ProfessorCataloging836-4541Meyer 108I
McEowen, LisaLibrary Associate IIICataloging836-5359Meyer 108
Media CollectionMusic and Media836-5105Meyer 007
Microforms & Copy ServicesMicroforms & Copy Services836-5105Meyer 007
Microforms & Copy Services - FaxMicroforms & Copy Services836-6799Meyer 007
Microforms & Copy Services - TDDMicroforms & Copy Services836-5105
Miller, AndreaAssistant Collection Development Librarian - Associate ProfessorCollection Development & Acquisitions836-7695Meyer 108C
Moentnish, ShirleyCirculation & Shelving SupervisorAccess and Testing Services836-4749Meyer 115C
Neuschwander, NathanGraphic DesignerAdministrative Services836-8715Meyer 302C
O'Connor, RhondaLibrary Associate IIHaseltine Library836-8563Greenwood 003
Parrot, NevaAssistant Librarian - West PlainsGarnett Library255-7947Garnett 112
Patton, TracyLibrary Associate IIICollection Development & Acquisitions836-6209Meyer 108
Peters, TomDean of Library Services - Springfield - ProfessorAdministrative Services836-4525Meyer 302C
Ponder, SheilaLibrary Associate ICataloging836-5359Meyer 108
Ragsdale, ChansoukLibrary Associate IIResearch and Instructional Services836-6653Meyer 110
Reeder, VernPart time - Collection Dev LibrarianCollection Development & Acquisitions836-4543Meyer 108B
Reference & Government Information - DeskResearch and Instructional Services836-4535Meyer 105
Reichling, SueLibrary Associate IIMusic and Media836-6455Meyer 007
Richards, DavidUnit Head - Associate ProfessorSpecial Collections836-4299Meyer 306B
Rose, DanPart-time Circulation AssistantAccess and Testing Services836-4700Meyer 115
Scarlet, RoseCataloger / Reference Librarian - West PlainsGarnett Library255-7948Garnett 112
Skinner, SophiaCirculation Supervisor - West PlainsGarnett Library255-7945
Special CollectionsSpecial Collections836-5428Meyer 306
Stefka, JoyceExecutive Assistant IIAdministrative Services836-4924Meyer 302
Stewart, ByronUnit Head - Assistant ProfessorResearch and Instructional Services836-4533Meyer 110I
Stewart, TammyAssistant ProfessorResearch and Instructional Services836-7627Meyer 110A
Stout, TracyAssociate ProfessorResearch and Instructional Services836-8938Meyer 110
Swigert, DwayneLibrary Associate IAccess and Testing Services836-4109Meyer 115
Wiechert, RaeganCataloger - Assistant ProfessorCataloging836-4190Meyer 108G
Williams, DeborahLibrary Associate IAccess and Testing Services836-4540Meyer 104
Yin, HongjunLibrary Associate ICollection Development & Acquisitions836-4545Meyer 108