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Title: CQ Researcher Plus Archive

Availability/Restrictions: Univ

Description: Published by Congressional Quarterly, CQ Researcher Plus Archive features lengthy (15-20 page) reports, including background information, pro/con discussions, tables, statistical data supporting sides of issues, and bibliographies of helpful resources used in preparing the reports. It "offers researchers access to an expanded database of reports extending as far back as 1923. It provides users with original, comprehensive reporting on issues in a balanced, unbiased manner, along with tools to study how these topics have changed over time....Since the Archive draws on content that taps far back into other time periods, many older reports reflect the language of the day in which they were written. In some cases, [older] reports use nomenclature or terminology that is no longer used and in some cases could be considered offensive by today's standards. In order to preserve the primary-source nature of these reports and truly reflect the historical times in which they were written, CQ Researcher decided to leave the original language of these older reports unchanged."

Please bookmark this resource as: http://purl.missouristate.edu/library/databases/CQRESEARCHER.

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