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Articles & Databases

Newspapers and News
Article Databases - Most Appropriate
Newspaper with stories on current issues and trends in higher education. [more info...]
Sponsored by: MSU Office of the Provost
Complete full-text content of local and regional news from the Kansas City area, with coverage from 2007 to present. [more info...]
Full-text database of news, legal, business, and biographical information. [more info...]
The New York Times provides full-text coverage of all articles from June 1, 1980 to date, including the current day's news. [more info...]
Provides full-text coverage for more than 40 national (U.S.) and international newspapers, and selective coverage for over 330 regional (U.S.) newspapers, plus news transcripts from CNN, FOX News, etc. [more info...]
Provides current access to full-text articles from over 1,300 newspapers, news websites and blogs. Major newspapers include the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and other national and regional titles. [more info...]
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch provides complete, full-text coverage of articles from Dec. 4,1996 to date, including the current day's news. Selective full-text coverage is available from Jan. 1992-Dec. 1996. [more info...]
USA Today provides full-text coverage of all articles by USA Today staff writers from Feb. 17, 1997 to date, including the current day's news. [more info...]
The Wall Street Journal provides full-text coverage of all articles by Wall Street Journal staff writers from 1984 to date, including the current day's news. [more info...]
Article Databases - Also Useful
Containing nearly 9,100 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,900 peer-reviewed journals, this scholarly, multi-disciplinary database provides coverage for nearly every area of academic study. [more info...]
Provides full-text coverage for nearly 300 journals, along with indexing and abstracts for over 600 journal titles in the communication and mass media fields. [more info...]
Provides pro/con arguments on over 280 topics, with over 1,300 essays, magazines, newspapers, news transcripts, & primary source documents. [more info...]
A general reference database for high school and college students containing thousands of full-text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, business, economic, political and global issues, done according to strict criteria with regard to content and age appropriateness. [more info...]
A full-text database used to find information and answer questions about major social and political events, world issues, statistics and people of the last 65+ years. [more info...]
Other Research Databases
Contains an in-depth coverage of all aspects of print, broadcast, and Internet journalism, from both U.S. and international perspectives. [more info...]
Provides information on the issues surrounding communication and science, including communicating complex scientific information to persons who are not scientists. [more info...]
Contains 600 essays on social media's impact on politics, including U.S. elections, political parties, media coverage, etc. [more info...]
This is a locally-produced index to Springfield newspapers (1867-2002; 2009-present) and Springfield Business Journal (1995; 1998-present). [more info...]