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Student Government Association

Collection Number: RG20
Volume: 12 cubic feet
Dates: 1919-Present


The collection was acquired mainly in 2003. It was processed in 2005 by Shannon Western. Additional work was done in 2009 by Tracie Gieselman-Holthaus. Additional materials will be added to this collection.


This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).


The collection is unrestricted. Single photocopies may be made for research purposes. Permission to publish material from the collection must be obtained from the Department of Special Collections and Archives. Citations should be as follows: Identification of the item, box and folder number, Student Government Association Collection [RG 20], Department of Special Collections and Archives, Missouri State University.

Biographical/Historical Sketch

The student government of Missouri State University (then Southwest Missouri State Teachers College) first officially formed in 1921 as a representative body; prior to this, "student government" or the “Student Organization” included every student attending the school. The new Student Council, as it was called, also continued to be referred to as the Student Organization in this time period, at least until 1936. Around 1950, it became the Student Senate, and in Spring 1962 became the Student Government Association, or SGA, the name by which it is known today. In Spring 1964, it was also referred to as the Student Government Organization, or SGO. The legislative branch of the student government is still often referred to as the Student Senate, or simply as the Senate.

By 1950, student government officials were meeting on average once per week during the school year, and they continue to do so today. The student government is organized into three branches: the Executive branch, the Legislative branch (which is often referred to as the Student Senate, or simply as the Senate), and the Judicial branch (or the Campus Judicial Board). Members consist of representatives from officially recognized campus organizations and of students who fulfill requirements as outlined in the constitution. The student government is also headed by executive commissions and a student body-elected president and vice president. Members are also involved in other committees and commissions within the student government (e.g., the Elections Commission, the Campus Mail Committee, etc.), which hold their own meetings in addition to those of the student government as a whole. Any legislation passed by the senate is given to the student government president for signature or veto.

The Wyrick Commission, founded in 1982, is in charge of the Wyrick Fund, which is supported by a student fee charged each semester to all Missouri State students. Proposals for ways to use this money must potentially benefit all students on campus. Anyone who recognizes a student need is allowed to bring a proposal before the commission. Wyrick Commission members then decide to accept or reject the proposal for student vote. Voting takes place in the spring on accepted proposals, along with SGA elections, and winning proposals are then, in most cases, awarded funding. The Wyrick Commission, while not an official part of student government, has a close relationship with SGA. Members of each organization regularly meet with the other group.

Scope and Content

The collection includes materials on SGA and the Wyrick Commission. The bulk of the records consist of SGA minutes and resolutions and of Wyrick proposals. It should be noted that these may not be the original records of the Wyrick Commission. Instead, they appear to be records of that body collected by the SGA representative to the Commission. The collection is divided into nine series, as outlined below.

Series 1: SGA Constitutions and Bylaws: Constitutions and Bylaws of the student government of MSU.

Series 2: SGA Minutes and Agendas: Minutes, and in some cases agendas, of the meetings of the student government of MSU. Note: There are gaps in both minutes and agendas. Resolutions and cabinet reports that could not easily be separated from their respective minutes (e.g., they were printed on the back side of the same sheet of paper) were kept within this series.

Series 3: SGA Resolutions: Signed resolutions (often originals) passed by the student government of Missouri State University. Resolutions that could not easily be separated from their respective minutes were kept within the SGA Minutes series.

Series 4: SGA General: Information relating to the student government of Missouri State University, such as budgets, committee information, and correspondence.

Series 5: SGA Audio/Visual: 3/4” video cassettes of an SGA conference, a VHS of a student election, and audio cassettes of the Governor’s Leadership Forum. Access to these materials may be restricted due to the poor condition of the tapes.

Series 6: Wyrick Minutes and Agendas: Minutes, and in some cases agendas, of the meetings of the Wyrick Commission. Note: There are gaps in both minutes and agendas.

Series 7: Wyrick Proposals: Passed, failed, and withdrawn proposals brought before the Wyrick Commission. The dates given on these folders are for the Spring semester in which they were voted upon by the student body; there may also be information contained within the folders from earlier or later dates.

Series 8: Wyrick Finances: Information relating to the money available for the Wyrick Fund as collected from student fees, and to the money spent by the Wyrick Commission on projects passed by the student body.

Series 9: Wyrick General: Information relating to the Wyrick Commission in general, such as Chairperson’s Reports, guidelines and bylaws, and members of the commission.

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