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Harry E. Appleby Veterans Oral History Project

Collection Number: M013
Volume: 26 cubic foot
Dates: 2004-2008


The first accession was received in 2004 and additional materials will be donated as the project continues. The collection was processed in 2006 by Anne M. Baker.


This collection may be protected from unauthorized copying by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).


The collection is unrestricted. Single copies may be made for research purposes. Permission to publish material from the collection must be obtained from the Department of Special Collections and Archives. Citations should be as follows: Identification of the item, Harry E. Appleby Veterans Oral History Project [M013], Department of Special Collections and Archives, Missouri State University.

Biographical/Historical Sketch

The Harry E. Appleby Veterans Oral History Project is part of the Veterans History Project, initiated and sponsored by the Library of Congress. This nationwide project is an attempt to capture the memories of this region’s men and women who served in the U.S. military. In addition, local interviewers have spoken with some non-veterans about their experiences during war time. One such person is a former MSU student who performed in the USO.

The project at Missouri State University is coordinated by Julie Johnson, associate professor of modern classical languages. The university’s Staff Senate Veterans Recognition Committee, the Springfield-Greene County Public Library, and local VFW chapters have also participated in the project. The interviews are conducted by volunteers, including many students from Dr. Johnson’s classes. The Library of Congress supplied a list of suggested interview questions.

The project is named after Harry E. Appleby, who spoke with Dr. Johnson’s class about his experiences in World War II. By sharing his personal memories of the Normandy Landing and the Battle of the Bulge, Mr. Appleby inspired local participation in the Veterans History Project.

This project has received the endorsement and support of Congressman Roy Blunt. After a concentrated effort in 2005 to collect the stories of World War II veterans, Rep. Blunt personally delivered the interviews of 136 southwest Missouri World War II veterans to the Library of Congress. Each participant also received a certificate of appreciation signed by Rep. Blunt.

Scope and Content

Each folder contains the oral history interview (generally in DVD format), plus the accompanying paperwork. This includes release forms from the interviewees and interviewers, as well as biographical data forms for the interviewees. The file may also include a log giving details of the recording and additional biographical material supplied by the interviewee.

In addition to the copies deposited in Special Collections and Archives, a copy of the oral histories are sent to the Library of Congress. Currently none of the interviews are transcribed.

Online Resources (as of August 2008)

Library of Congress Veterans History Project:

MSU Veterans History Project:

Branson Veterans Task Force:

Alternate Search Option

If researchers want to search for veterans based on where they served or branch of the military, we suggest the following:

  • Go to the Library of Congress website: http://www.loc.gov/vets/
  • Select "Search the Veterans Collections."
  • Under search words, put: Missouri State University (Do NOT use quotation marks.)
  • Under "contained in", select partner/interviewer affiliation.
  • Add other search criteria as needed.
  • Hit Go.

As of August 2008, the following URL will take you to a list of interviews submitted by MSU:

Researchers still need to check Special Collections’ list to confirm MSU has a copy of the interview. There are some interviews that the Library of Congress has that MSU does not have. There are also some recent interviews that have not yet been added to the Library of Congress website, but which are available in Special Collections.

Interview List

Alexander, Leroy
Allen, Cody
Allen, Harold Rex, Jr.
Allen, Kenneth
Anderson, Gerald
Anderson, Glenn
Anderson, Lewis
Anderson, Roy
Andrews, James
Anthony, Richard
Appleby, Harry E.
Appleton, W. T.
Armstrong, Billie
Armstrong, Roland
Ashenfelter, Edward
Ashford, Akeam
Atchley, Paul M.
Atwell, Benjamin L., Sr.
Aye, Wilma J.
Ayshford, Arthur Thomas
Barber, Rex
Barnett, Leslie William
Barnhart, Allen Wayne
Batson, Denzil
Batzelle, Kenneth
Beard, John
Beck, Arthur
Beden, George
Bell, Joseph A.
Bennett, Dale
Berry, James Lee
Bevier, William A.
Bezold, William
Bigbie, Coda Whitson
Bishop, Bobby Lee
Bittle, Lloyd Dale
Blair, Robert
Boggess, Phillip Charles
Bohner, Marjorie
Bollinger, Lucas (Interviewed with Chris Little)
Bonitt, Edward
Borror, Calvin A.
Boyd, Homer
Boydston, Dale
Bradford, Tom
Brandt, Ledrue J.
Breshears, Allison
Brest, Chris
Brock, Gerald
Brose, Robert W.
Bross, James
Brothers, Bobby Jean
Brown, Addie Kirk
Brown, J. R.
Brown, Norral
Burch, William A.
Burd, Bradley
Burk, Charles
Burris, Ed
Burt, Charles
Burtner, Vernon L.
Callison, William Clifford
Calton, Ivan
Campbell, Gordon
Cantrell, Bill
Caplan, Jerome A.
Cargile, Bob
Carmichael, Sybil
Carroll, William
Carter, Travis
Caskey, Charles
Catlett, John D.
Chase, Ned B., Jr.
Chesnutt, Kenneth
Chrisinger, Richard
Chrisman, Raimonde Barkley
Clark, Cecil
Clary, John Quinn, Jr.
Clements, Charles
Clutter, Justace R.
Coale, Eldon
Cobb, Oran
Cochrane, David “Gene”
Coffman, Larry
Colgans, Anthony
Collison, Norman L.
Compton, Jim
Cook, Ronald Keith
Copeland, Clint
Copeland, George
Copeland, George
Copeland, Lanis
Corning, T.C.
Correll, Harold
Cowart, Wilber J.
Cox, Doyle A.
Cox, Jimmy M.
Coyne, Charles
Crim, Timothy
Crowley, Mike
Crull, Paul
Crusa, Dorothy
Crutchfield, Gary
Dablemont, Norton
Dailey, Wilburn
Daniel, Harriett A.
Daniels, Raymond L.
Davis, Bob
Davis, Lum
Davis, Roy J. “Jeff”
Dawson, Michael L.
Deal, Toney
Dean, Edwin
Dean, Ronnie
Deer, Paul
DeForest, Max J.
Deremo, Herbert
Derrick, Floyd E.
Devault, Alvin
Dewitt, Keith
Dickens, David
Dillon, James W.
Dimond, Robert
Dodson, John Robert
Dorn, Myron
Dorow, Harold
Dove, Gene
Dudenhoeffer, Bud
Dyal, James Orval
Eike, Claire J.
Elet, John
Ellison, Curtis L.
Elrod, James
Emmert, Walter M.
Ewy, Charles B.
Fahey, Elizabeth
Farrar, Guy Eugene
Feisthamel, Robert Rex
Ferguson, Cecil Dale
Ferguson, Richard
Fetterhoff, Melvin
File, Claude
Finicle, Robert
Fisher, Travis
Foell, Joseph
Ford, Dave
Ford, L. Hadley
Foss, Larry
Fowler, John
Frederick, Arthur
Freeman, John
Freeman, Leslie Vinson, Jr.
Freeman, Manuel
Fuerst, Robert J.
Gables, Edwin
Gabriel, Melvin
Gardner, Don
Garrison, Carroll A.
Geiger, Phillip
Gemmell, Eric
George, Harold Jack
Gieck, Joseph F.
Gilbert, Ronald
Girth, John
Glassinger, Steven
Glassmeyer, Clifford
Glaze, Wilbur
Gollhofer, Victor
Goodwin, Alberta
Graff, Brandon
Greene, Terry
Gregg, Robert
Grisham, Don
Griswold, James
Grobe, Gerald
Groesch, William
Grose, Burl
Grubaugh, Neal W.
Grundy, James Keith
Guin, Kenneth
Gunter, Michael
Guthrey, Kile
Hacker, Therwood
Haddad, Rocky
Hagerman, Jackie
Haney, Joe
Hannon, Bradley
Hardecke, Carl
Harding, Anthony James
Harrell, Roy
Harris, Clay
Hartman, Joanna
Hawley, Helen Mary
Haynes, Glenn
Haynes, Jimmy Lee
Hearting, Walter
Hebblethwaite, Vern
Heeter, Richard (interviewed with Marvin Heifner)
Heifner, Marvin (interviewed with Richard Heeter)
Hembree, Don
Hembree, Jack E.
Hendricks, Charles R.
Henigan, Robert H.
Hering, Nathan
Herman, C.M. “Dutch”
Hicks, Edward
Hicks, Jason
Hilton, Own
Hixon, William
Hoag, John
Hocker, Daniel
Hoenshell, Calvin Lee
Hogue, Riggle Byrum
Holden, Bill
Holland, Albert
Holt, Walter
Hon, James
Hornback, Jerry
Horton, Joseph Eugene Jr.
Hosier, Allan
Houck, Elmer
Hough, Marjorie
Howerton, Robert D.
Hoyer, Jo Ann
Hubbard, William
Huber, Charles
Hufford, Howard R.
Hughes, Edwin J.
Hunter, Jack
Hurst, James
Hutchison, George
Inman, Ronnie
Isbell, Loyd
Ivey, Harvey
Jackson, Herb
Jackson, William
Jarrett, Vincent
Johnson, Jeff
Jones, Charles B.
Jones, Clayton
Jones, Richard
Journagan, Cliffton Omer
Juenger, Jerry
Kappelman, Willis
Keadle, Joseph
Keeler, Isiah
Kellenberger, Lawrence
Kelly, John
Kenagy, Harry Edwin
Kenley, William
Kindermann, Paul
King, Michael
Kinser, Marion
Kissee, James Edward
Knapp, Edwin Price, Sr.
Kneeshaw, John
Kreienkamp, Ron
Krug, Jeremy
Kruger, Werner
Kurth, Gerald F.
Kuzma, Stephen F.
Lamar, Andrew
Langston, Frank
Lannan, Robert
Lawrence, Richard
Lawson, Mary
Lee, John
Leeper, Gelvin F.
Lentz, Charles
Lentz, Gary
Leonard, Floyd
Lewis, Artney
Lilley, Max
Lindsey, Carroll James
Lindsey, Lloyd D.
Little, Chris
Bollinger, Lucas
Little, Ernest Lorne
Little, Robert
Livingston, George
Lozier, Walter Chris
Luallin, John A.
Lukavich, Andrew Lee
Lyon, Roy
Mackler, Joseph Robert
Madden, Charles
Magruder, Thomas Bruce
Maloney, John
Manley, Ralph K.
Manlove, Clifford T.
Mann, Richard
Marshall, Joseph
Marshall, Robert
Marstall, Glennon E.
Martinez, Frank
Marty, Fred
Mauldin, Jim
May, Jason Eric
May, Marion
May, Robert Charles
McCarty, Don
McClernon, Bernadine C.
McDaniel, Michael
McEvoy, Erin
McGinty, Edna
McHan, Daniel W.
McKiernan, Brendan E.
McKnelly, Kenneth M. (Interviewed with James Scroggs)
McMillon, Paul
Meals, Harold
Means, Gerald
Meier, Carl H.
Meintsma, Seward Mortimer
Melott, Joseph
Metsker, Joshua D.
Mezzacapa, Dominick
Michael, Ron
Mildren, William Estal
Miller, Bernadette
Miller, Leon F.
Miller, William
Mills, William Leroy
Mitchell, Bob
Mitchell, Carl L.
Monroe, Robert
Moore, Dale L.
Moore, Neal
Moore, Richard Leon
Moran, J. Blair, Jr.
Morey, Marshall
Mowry, Jacob
Murphy, Clovis
Murray, William
Musick, Brandon
Musick, Brandon
Mysinger, Richard
Napier, Clyde L.
Nash, Randall
Neer, Edgar
Nelms, Marion D.
Nelson, Chad
Nelson, Charles O.
New, Leo
Nichols, George V.
Nichols, Phillip H.
Niederhuth, Allyn
Niederhuth, Vern L.
Niederhuth, Weldon L.
Norell, Kenneth
Nuetzhorn, Robert Fred
O’Reilly, Edward
Olvis, William L.
Orth, Herbet
Overend, Donald
Owens, Michael
Owens, Norman
Pace, Glenn
Pace, Winford
Page, Lawrence
Pahl, Herschel
Painter, Glenn
Palicki, John
Parker, Jack
Patchell, Samuel
Patrick, Robert
Patron, Edwin
Patterson, Joe M.
Peak, John Paul
Pearce, Bart Wayne
Pearce, Bart Wayne
Peck, William Newton
Petty, Glenn D.
Phelps, Thomas
Phillips, Burl
Phillips, John Edward
Pickett, Dave
Pittman, Cecil
Poe, John E.
Pollard, Mark
Powell, David W.
Pozniak, Earnest
Pratt, George
Presley, Clyde
Pyeatt, Bobby
Rader, William Otto
Raney, Jeanie
Reaves, Jeremy
Redden, Joseph M.
Reese, Rick
Register, Kenneth
Reynolds, Greg
Reynolds, Harold D.
Richardson, Lee
Riggs, Bernard L.
Riley, Carroll
Rives, Jim
Robb, Charles R.
Roberts, James T.
Robertson, Gordon G.
Robertson, Gordon Glenn
Robertson, Jim
Robinette, Stephen
Robinson, Arthur
Robinson, Troy
Rocco, John
Rone, Steven Paul
Roper, Charles
Rose, Dan
Rosier, Frank
Ruh, Richard
Russell, Fred
Sacco, Chris
Samuels, Robert
Sanders, Nicholas R.
Sanders, Robert B.
Saulbeamer, William
Sayles, Edward D.
Schad, Walter
Schaffer, Tom
Schulte, Greg
Schultz, Jack
Schwartze, Francis
Scott, Glen S.
Scroggins, Larry
Scroggs, James E., Jr.
McKnelly, Kenneth M.
Seeley, Donald
Seelye, Irvin
Sellars, Richard
Sellars, Richard N.
Shaw, Glenn
Siegismund, Russell D.
Simecek, Joseph L.
Simmons, Harles
Simmons, Robert
Simpson, Benny
Simpson, Joe E.
Simpson, Richard Aluin
Sims, Admiral
Skelton, William
Skiffington, Edward
Slankard, John P.
Smith, Clovis
Smith, Edward L.
Soden, Robert E.
Soderland, Robert
Sparks, Larry
Spencer, Terry
Spiegel, Martin F.
Steinkoenig, Leo
Stephens, John
Stites, Harry Jack
Stolte, Sam
Stubblefield, Rex
Surprise, Dan
Swift, James A.
Talley, Robert R.
Taylor, Robert
Thompson, Don M.
Thompson, Mel
Thomsen, Marvin
Thurmon, Kevin
Tillman, Mona Pauline (Brown)
Traw, James Vernon
Truskett, David
Tuckwell, Victor James
Tunnell, Leonard
Tweten, Chester
VanAcker, David
Vandergrift, Floyd
Vandiver, Willie
Virtue, Norman
Wactor, Harold
Wageman, Ray
Walker, Lloyd
Walker, William
Wall, Lester
Wallace, Alvin A.
Wallace, Herbert
Walotka, Christopher
Walsh, John P.
Walton, Albert
Washington, Johnny
Watts, Sam
Webb, Charles E.
Webb, Harold
Welch, Dennis
Wellington, William R.
Westfall, Gerald
White, Cecil
Whorton, James
Wiles, Frank E.
Wilhelm, Paula
Williams, Edward
Williams, Eugene J.
Williams-Chancellor, Ione
Wilson, James
Wilson, Seth
Wimmer, Robert L.
Wyatt, Harry
Yarbrough, F. Leroy
Yoakum, Loren
Yokley, Tom
Young, Dennis
Young, Robert
Youngblood, Roger Dale
Yust, Anthony
Zieske, Bill